Is there a difference between individual and corporate membership while signing up?

Yes, there is. If you sign up under corporate, you cannot use the same ID to upload a resume.

Can I change my email ID after membership registration?

Yes, it is possible. Login to your account go to MY Page > Contact Information > Account Email Address > Change.

How can I retrieve a password if I forgot?

Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page and follow the instructions.

How do I register my resume?

You can only register your resume for free after signing up as a member. You can upload/write up to 10 resumes and edit them according to the job you apply for.

Is there any information I must include when registering a resume?

Resumes should be filled out as detailed as possible. Especially because there is a function that connects registered keywords to companies.

Is my resume automatically disclosed to the talent information menu after registration?

No. while registering your resume, if you ‘make my resume and attached files private’ in the visibility status, it does not appear on the talent search information. Only companies you have applied to can open your resume.

If I apply for a job, will my contact information be automatically disclosed?

You can choose the visibility of your contact info in Profile> Contact Information. If you choose ‘Hide your contact information,’ it is hidden. You can only communicate with companies via message.

How can I modify my resume?

Go to My page > My resumes and confirm all the registered resumes. Click Edit on the Action button.

How many times can I apply for a position?

You cannot apply twice for the same position.

Can I download my resume?

Yes. If you go to the ‘my resume’ page, you can download it in PDF.

How many resumes can I register?

You can register up to 10 resumes with one ID. You can send different resumes according to the companies you are interested in. if you choose to display your resume on the talent search information, you can get better chances of employment.

Do I have to delete my resume after employment?

It is recommended you don’t delete your resume. However, you can make your information private.

How can I see companies that have opened my resume, I have applied to, or are interested in?

You can see all the information on My page> My jobs

What happens if I modify my resume after applying for a job?

If you modify a resume after application, the resume you sent in will also change automatically. You are therefore advised not to modify unless it is necessary. You can choose the appropriate resume for the job you are applying for from the 10 resumes.

When can I change my contact information from private?

If your contact info is private, all communications are through messages. You can choose When or whether to disclose the contact information.

I cannot see the job announcements am interested in.

If you cannot see it, either the company completed the recruitment or the deadline has passed.

Are the registration and usage procedures for TheWorknPlay Match-Up Services set up separately?

It is the same as the resume registration procedure. You just need to set it up to be disclosed in the talent information list.

What is the reason for disclosing the resume in the talent information?

It is hard to find jobs you want on your own, and for recruiters and companies to find talent by just job openings. If you disclose your resume on talent information, you can get more recruitment opportunities.

Do I have to pay or only use TheWorknPlay Match-Up Services?

Services are 100% FREE. Also, you don’t really have to use the services. This service just gives you better opportunities and exposes you to many companies.

Do I need any conditions or special qualifications to use TheWorknPlay Match-Up Service?

There are no conditions or qualifications to use the service. However, we will search for recruitment information most similar to your registered resume. Therefore, you need to register your resume and information accurately.

Why do I need resume branding?

If you express your abilities better than in a resume, you will have better chances to match With a job you want and get more interviews with companies. You can see the reasons if you Click worknplay resume branding.

How is my contact information used in Match-Up Service?

If you hide your contact information, no company can get access. You can choose to disclose to interested companies or after confirmation of recruitment.

Do I have to keep using Match-Up Service after registration?

No. If you choose to keep your resume private, no information will be disclosed.

What is the worknplay private policy?

Worknplay complies with the global privacy policies.

How do you deal with false recruitment information?

Please email theworknplay@gmail.com immediately if you come across false recruitment information. Worknplay will investigate and take extreme measures.