TheWorknPlay Match-Up Service

Our match-up service takes the hassle out of the hiring process, connecting you with qualified candidates at the right time. All that's left for you to do is make the final decision on who to hire.

Free employer branding and job posting

Our experts will create a branded employer homepage and job posting to attract candidates.

Free candidate recommendation until match is made

Candidates will be recommended to employers until the recruitment is finished.

Everything is free until the employment is finalized

Service is free until employment is confirmed. Employer has to pay only after candidate is hired through the service.

Stop wasting time and money finding teachers!
User Guide for Match-up Service
Step 1. Contact us & sign the match-up contract

Contact us by clicking the [Request Match-Up Service] button below. Once you do, our dedicated manager will reach out to you and guide you through the service contract process. As soon as the contract is signed, our match-up service will begin. The amount of employment reward is set in this step as well.

Step 2. Employer branding & design job posts

Once the contract is finalized, our manager will provide guidance and support to help you create compelling company profiles and job posts. We understand the importance of effectively showcasing your organization and available positions to attract top talent. Our experienced team will assist you in crafting engaging and informative content that accurately represents your company and the opportunities you offer.

Step 3. Candidate recommendations

Our comprehensive system, combined with the expertise of our dedicated manager, enables us to recommend highly qualified candidates based on your specific position requirements. As an employer, you have the freedom to review these recommendations and choose the candidates you are interested in. Once you have identified your preferred candidates, you can send offers directly to them, initiating the next steps in the hiring process.

Step 4. Candidate Interview

To move forward in the hiring process, you have the option to directly contact the candidates or coordinate through our dedicated managers to arrange interviews. After the interviews, you have the freedom to finalize your decision to offer a job to the candidates you wish to hire.

Step 5. Job Offer & Employment Confirmation

After you decide to offer a job, We provide comprehensive support during the employment confirmation stage to ensure a smooth transition for both employers and candidates. We provide guidance and support to both parties to facilitate a clear and mutually beneficial agreement.

Step 6. Match-up fee Payment

Once you have confirmed the employment of the selected candidate, our match-up fee will be charged. We understand the importance of providing value for your investment, which is why the fee is only applicable once the employment is confirmed. Our dedicated manager will guide you through the payment process and ensure a smooth transaction.

Step 7. Employment Reward

Employment reward is given from TheWorknPlay to the teacher after 30 days of work. Our employment reward aims to get more attraction from teachers to our match-up job postings. Also, it motivates teachers to work for long term for the employer.

TheWorknPlay Match-Up Services FAQ

What are the main services and benefits of the match-up service?

Our primary objective is to match candidates with employers based on the employer's preferences, ensuring the perfect fit for both parties. We tailor employer resumes and job postings to provide candidates with clear expectations about the employer's offerings.

What is the fee for the match-up service?

Our match-up service fee is 1,500 USD per match. It is charged only after the employment is confirmed.

What is an employment reward?

The employment reward is a monetary incentive given to candidates who are successfully hired through our match-up service. The specific reward amount will be determined when TheWorknPlay and the employer establish the match-up contract. This reward is disbursed after 90 days from the commencement of employment.

I want to request a match-up service. How do I start?

Match-up service is available for use after the service contract has been signed. To request for the service and proceed with the contract, please contact us and provide your employer information.

What is the duration of the match-up service contract?

The service contract is valid for one year from the date of signing. If there is no explicit indication regarding the contract, it will be automatically renewed on an annual basis.

How can I submit a job posting for match-up service?

Once the match-up service contract is completed, our manager will assist you in creating a customized hiring homepage and job posting on our platform.

Where will the match-up job postings be displayed?

The match-up job postings will be showcased on various platforms, including the TheWorknPlay main website and the job board.

How long will the registered match-up job postings be active?

The match-up job postings will remain active until the position is filled unless requested by the employer to delete the posting. It will be reposted and edited for more exposure to candidates.

Can I post match-up job postings and standard job postings together?

For the same position, duplicate postings are not allowed as it may cause confusion among applicants.

Where can I view the recommended candidates from the match-up service?

You can view the recommended candidates at your dashboard, and you will receive automatic notifications via email and messenger when suitable candidates are recommended.

What if I'm not satisfied with the recommended candidates? Can I receive new recommendations?

The Match-Up service continues to recommend candidates until the hiring process is completed.

How can I propose an interview to a recommended candidate?

If you find a candidate you are interested in after reviewing their resume, you can proceed with the interview proposal. You can propose an interview by clicking the "Interview Request" button on the resume. The request will be sent and if the candidate is also interested, further discussions about the interview schedule will begin.

How can I offer a contract to candidates recommended?

You can make a job offer by contacting our match-up manager. If the candidate is also interested, negotiation regarding salary, working conditions, and other details will begin.

How is the recruitment fee payment and settlement handled?

The recruitment fee for the Match-Up service is only incurred when the hiring is confirmed, and the fee is $1,500 per hired candidate. Once the hiring is confirmed, the dedicated manager will issue a tax invoice, and the payment must be made within 7 days of the candidate's start date to the designated bank account or through the designated card.

What if a candidate resigns after a few days of starting the job? Is a refund possible?

If a candidate resigns within 90 days of starting the job, the recruitment fee will be refunded. Detailed refund policies are specified in the contract.

Responsibility for the Match-Up resume

The Match-Up resume is based on the information provided directly by the candidate, and the final decision lies with the candidate. TheWorknPlay is not responsible for inaccurate or defamatory information provided by the candidate.

TheWorknPlay Match-Up Service

Our match-up service takes the hassle out of the hiring process, connecting you with qualified candidates at the right time. All that's left for you to do is make the final decision on who to hire.